LONDON: Publicly-funded UK broadcaster, the BBC, is currently in the throes of a monumental task: creating a web page for every episode of every TV programme it has made over the past eight decades.

The Herculean enterprise was announced by the corporation's director of vision, Jana Bennett, at this week's Banff Television Festival in Canada.

The web pages will include basic information about each show and where it can be seen, either on TV, the iPlayer broadband catch-up service or elsewhere on the web, as well as video or audio clips.

The project has already begun and, says Bennett: "Eventually we will add our programme back catalogue to produce pages for programming stretching back over nearly 80 years - featuring all the information we have on the richest TV and radio archive in the world."

The BBC began experimental TV broadcasts in 1932.

Bennett added: "Each page and clip will be promotional for that programme in perpetuity. They will offer the possibility of hits that go on and on - or are rediscovered when the time is right."

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