This year's Olympic Games have provided welcome relief for an 'under the microscope' BBC, in the form of over six million interactive television viewers to date.

The record figure exceeds the 4.1m who used the BBC's interactive facility for the Wimbledon tennis championships earlier in the year, and represents half the available i/a audience.

Since the Games began on 13 August, 6.13m viewers have accessed BBCi for at least one minute. Of these, 80% spent at least three minutes using the service, while 46% perused it for over twenty-five minutes.

BBC sport's head of new media, sports, news and development Andrew Thompson was 'delighted' by news of the Olympic figures, which should help dispel concerns within the board of governors that interactive viewing does not match availability.

Says Thompson: "The Olympics are perfect for interactive television because there are so many events happening at the same time ... viewers are taking full advantage of that."

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