A survey of British households receiving terrestrial and satellite free-to-air TV Freeview reveals that over ten million homes used the BBCi 'always-on' digital interactive services in May this year.

The study, commissioned by the BBC and information service company Teletext, shows that over five million adults with Freeview are aware of the BBCi service, with 3.6m of them using it in May.

The service is also available via satellite TV and needs no BSkyB decoding card in order to be viewed. The awareness factor is higher still in satellite households – of 12.4m BBCi-savvy adults, 6.6m accessed it during May.

Users of the service can access video clips and text information on a range of genres including news, sports and entertainment by pressing the red button on their remote control handset.

BBCi also offers 'eTV' programming, or extended content of programmes. This year's Wimbledon tennis championship eTV coverage proved particularly popular.

As the controller of BBCi 24/7 services Rabul Chakkara looks to future challenges -- notably that of of enticing 'the rest of the digital public to use BBCi' -- the BBC hopes to do just that with a new version of the service that will provide information at twice the speed of the present system.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff