The latest UK TV audience data released Thursday by BARB (Broadcasters' Audience Research Board) shows continued improvement in viewing levels across key audiences measured by the new ratings system.

The latest available viewing data for week ending February 10 shows the highest viewing levels so far this year of 25.59 hours per week*, helped in part by the extraordinary success of ITV1's Pop Idols.

This latest data compares favourably with the pre-Christmas audience panel viewing levels of 25.08 hours* for week ending December 23, and in recent weeks viewing has been averaging consistently above 25 hours per week*.

Currently, the weekly household reporting sample is just under 4,000 homes, which equates to approximately 9,000 Individuals aged 4+, a robust sample count for accurate UK audience measurement.

The timetable for delivering the consolidated audience commercial data is running to schedule, with full information now available to the advertising industry for all days up to week ending February 3rd.

* Total TV, All Individuals aged 4+.

Data sourced from: IPA Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff