NEW YORK: Automakers such as Kia, Porsche and Nissan have all enjoyed considerable success in connecting with US consumers via the advertising services offered by Twitter, the microblog.

Kia first made use of the paid-for ad tools offered by Twitter – which include promoted tweets, trends and accounts – during the Super Bowl, as part of its campaign called "A Dream Car for Real Life".

"Twitter's ad products have proven to be a good platform for Kia, especially when attempting to maximize 'in the now' moments," George Haynes, Kia's social and digital media manager, told DigiDay. "It provides real-time opportunities to engage with people as conversations and events are happening."

The company is continuing to utilise Twitter for advertising purposes, and will aim to "to take on carefully evaluated opportunities" in the future, Haynes added.

Porsche, the luxury auto marque, also leveraged promoted trends and tweets to support the roll out of the latest model of the 911, employing photos and video charting the car's long history.

Some 80% of consumers exposed to the relevant promoted trend engaged with the campaign hashtag, and 87% interacted with the promoted tweet linked to this effort.

Moreover, Porsche's main Twitter account accrued an additional 1,743 followers during the day of activation, and saw its brand sentiment scores on the site surpass the category norm by 300%.

For its part, Nissan has deployed advertising on the social media service to coincide with key periods in the product or marketing cycle, such as launching new cars, or when it hosts "chats" on the site.

"Promoted tweets are also a great way to join the online conversation about a major event or TV show, without having an official relationship or spending a ton on commercials," said Erich Marx, the firm's director, interactive and social-media marketing.

"Nissan did this with great success during the last Super Bowl, for example," he added.

Data sourced from DigiDay; additional content by Warc staff