SYDNEY: Consumers in Australia are typically the most open in the world to mobile advertising, a new multimarket study has found.

Drawing on interviews with 22,000 people in 14 nations, ad network InMobi and research firm comScore reported 75% of Australian contributors would be at least "somewhat comfortable" to receive mobile marketing messages.

This total includes the 48% that said they are "very comfortable" with the ads.

European respondents registered the next highest total, on 68%, measured against 63% among Americans.

One reason for Australia's leading status is that the iPhone generates 42% of impressions, compared with 19% in the US.

Meanwhile, Nokia's Symbian posted 18.8% and Google's Android logged 10.3%.

"Australians want to learn more. But I think there is a big reluctance from big brands, they are holding back and aren't engaging in this space," said Rob Marston, InMobi's regional director, Australia and New Zealand.

"Of course, you can wait and see what your competitors do, and see where they excel. But by the time you get in, it will be more expensive. There is an opportunity to get involved now."

Across the featured countries, men exhibited stronger enthusiasm for consuming such messages, recording 77% on this metric, sliding to 71% concerning women.

Age played a less significant role, as ratings hit 77% when panellists were 25 years old or under, a figure reaching 73% within the 25-44 year old demographic.

Regarding specific formats, females prioritised sharing viral material, yielding 44%, and men preferred a "call-to-action", scoring 35%.

A further 56% of the sample argued new product information was the most appealing type of mobile marketing, 37% wished to "learn about something" and 34% emphasised "receiving something for free."

Electronics and entertainment were the top categories attracting the interest of shoppers, the study added.

Data sourced from Smart Company; additional content by Warc staff