SYDNEY: A majority of Australian consumers now use more than one retail channel on the path to purchase, a study has found.

According to figures from the Australian Centre for Retail Studies, and reported by B&T, some 58% of shoppers in the country utilise a minimum of two channels when making acquisitions.

This constitutes an annual increase of nearly 10%, with the expenditure of buyers fitting this description between three and six times greater than people only using bricks and mortar outlets.

A 48% share of consumers acquire goods and services from the net at least once a month, with 7% doing so weekly or even more regularly.

An additional 55% have already signed up to be sent official emails from retailers, and 14% are now on equivalent SMS distribution lists.

Elsewhere in the digital space, 22% of the potential target audience have employed social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to engage with retailers in some way.

Totals here stood at 14% for applications offered on Apple's iPhone, and as almost all of these activities have seen the strongest interest come from younger customers, they are expected to gain further ground going forward.

Categories where multichannel behaviours are most common include electronics and apparel, with shoppers leveraging up to eight different channels for research, finalising transactions and contacting firms for post-sales support.

Data sourced from B&T; additional content by Warc staff