SYDNEY: Most Australian companies are failing to make an impression on YouTube, the video sharing channel, with many neglecting it and active users generating only small viewing figures according to a new report.

Chimney Group, the video producer, looked at the top 1,000 companies in Australia for its YouTop100 study examining how efficiently they used their YouTube channel and found that just over one quarter (28.2%) had updated it in the past year.

Among the top 100 active channels – ranked on efficiency, or the total number of views in the past 12 months divided by the total number of videos on the channel – the average number of views per video was 22,426, but 61% of companies had fewer than 1,000 views on average.

Less than 10% posted a video every week, but frequent updates were not necessarily the way to achieve success, The Australian reported

It noted that, in efficiency terms, some of the more prominent users of the channel, such as Toyota and ANZ Bank, were languishing in the lower reaches of the rankings, at 88th and 69th respectively.

The top five most successful users of the channel were found to be Apple, ExxonMobil, Nestlé, Air New Zealand and Bank of Queensland.

"We knew Apple would be up there because they have a nice, synchronised strategy," said Lee Ritson, CEO Chimney Group Australia

And while the presence of ExxonMobil was a surprise, Ritson suggested this was because "they were posting videos about future-proof technology which would be interesting to the scientific community".

Nestlé, meanwhile, was posting international content which was being watched, while high-quality and entertaining posts from Air NZ and Bank of Queensland had also performed well.

Investment in video works well for some companies, but for the remainder there may be a question mark over an approach that takes money away from more traditional advertising.

"There's huge room for improvement in digital broadcast strategy," Ritson declared. "A lot of the content that was getting posted was getting minimal views. One solid piece would do better."

He suggested that companies should think of posting a video to their channels on at least a monthly basis.

Data sourced from Chimney Group; The Australian; additional content by Warc staff