Warc subscribers in Australia took an international outlook when searching for information about emerging trends and best practice this year.

According to analysis of Warc's readership in 2013, only two specifically Australian topics appeared in the top 30 most-read articles – one, appearing in 21st place, was a case study for Victoria Bitter while the other, at 23, examined innovation strategies at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The top five most-viewed papers in Australia echoed the interests and concerns of marketing practitioners across the world and covered trends in social media, the challenges faced by the industry in 2013, the role of neuroscience in marketing, innovation and changing retail habits.

Australian readers checked the Seriously Social Warc Trends Report more than any other, gaining insight into the key issues facing social media marketers, including emerging patterns in channel selection and budgeting.

The Warc Trends Toolkit 2013 came second with its recommendations for meeting the top ten challenges facing marketers – these included how to use social media to drive business results among other issues.

New research examining the methodology of neuromarketing was the third most popular subject for Australian readers and it looked at the effectiveness of techniques used to measure implicit responses via behavioural tests.

At fourth, Warc's Innovation Casebook drew on studies from the Warc Prize for Innovation and put the thinking behind these campaigns into context.

Another academic article of interest – and the fifth most-read in Australia – explored how the retail landscape is changing and proposed nine key pieces of advice about how retailers should respond.

Elsewhere on the rankings, in seventh place was Warc's analysis of the Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions, at which Australian campaigns took two of the seven Lions this year. Five trends marketers can't ignore, an event report from this year's ad:tech Melbourne event, came eighth.

Data sourced from Warc