SYDNEY: Retargeting and programmatic are soaring in Australia, but marketers remain concerned about attribution, a new survey has shown.

The findings, reported in B&T Magazine, are from a report by AdRoll which surveyed 265 marketers on how they are using retargeting, programmatic and performance marketing across their businesses.

One thing is clear, however – programmatic advertising has transformed the media investment industry. Fully 92% of marketers anticipated their programmatic budgets would remain consistent or increase in the coming year, with more than half of marketers surveyed enjoying greater return on investment from programmatic ad placement than traditional media buying.

Marketers in Australia and New Zealand are also using programmatic to target social media and mobile platforms, as the smartphone becomes increasingly the first point of contact between brands and consumers. More than two thirds – 70% – of marketers surveyed purchased social media ads programmatically, with the channel also the most popular for retargeting.

Ad spend is increasing for retargeting as brands seek to engage consumers at every stage of the purchase path. More than a third of respondents – 38% – spent between 10% and 25% of their online ad budget re-engaging customers to keep the brand top of mind, with almost as many expecting the amount spent on this area to increase in the next 12 months.

The numbers indicate that as the advertising landscape evolves, with more options and multi-disciplinary campaigns than ever, marketers are embracing technology for effective targeting.

But many brands are struggling to keep up the accountability demanded, with attribution remaining a concern.

Some 41% of marketers remained unsure how they could effectively implement or analyse attribution tracking but almost all – 92% – of those surveyed thought the practice was a vital element in making their marketing successful.

Data sourced from B&T Magazine; additional content by Warc staff