Internet shopping is the tops Down Under.

Australians flocked to buy, buy, buy online in March, according to a report published Wednesday by Visa International and backed by data from ACNielsen.

With an average transaction value of A$142 ($110.25; €85.21; £57.88), Aussies spent a minimum of A$613 million online last month - making the nation (population 19.9m) the globe's third largest internet shopper after the USA (pop. 293.03m) and the UK (pop. 60.27m).

Nielsen reports that there are now 4.2m online shoppers in Australia - 21% of the nation's population and an increase of almost nine per cent over the last six months.

Says Mike Veverka, ceo of Jumbo Corp which runs the online shopping portal "On a per capita basis, we're heavy users of the net and we are comfortable with the security and technology that comes with online shopping."

Ebay Australia confirms that Aussies have taken to cybershopping like a duck to water, citing the 69% increase last year in the number of bids on its online auction site

But some of the Oz dollars are finding their way overseas. Visa general manager Bruce Mansfield reveals that around one in six Visa ecommerce transactions are with international vendors.

Data sourced from Sydney Morning Herald; additional content by WARC staff