SYDNEY: Contrary to popular belief, many men do actually like shopping and a significant proportion of men in Australia and New Zealand love it, according to a new survey.

AMP Capital Shopping Centres, which owns 27 shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand, carried out in-depth online discussions with 750 shopping enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand over a period of three weeks before conducting a representative online survey among 1,000 Australian shoppers and 500 New Zealand ones.

It found that 79% of male respondents liked shopping; and 29% said they loved it.

And they were regularly engaged in the activity, with two thirds visiting a shopping centre at least once a week.

The report, When is a shopping centre more than just a shopping centre?, suggested that big changes could be in order for some retailers, as one in ten men surveyed said they would spend more money if a retail offering was designed to cater to their interests and needs, as well as those of women.

More specifically, 27% of men would spend more with retailers who design and coordinate the online and in-store experience to make shopping more efficient and enjoyable; and 19% would spend more if technology is used to enable them to shop with more confidence and ease.

"The male shopper has certainly been overlooked by many retailers in the past, and it's important that we as an industry re-engage with this important group of consumers," said Bryan Hynes, Managing Director of AMP Capital Shopping Centres.

"Retailers need to do more to provide an engaging experience for men that shows they understand their wants and needs, whether it be through the physical décor of the store or by serving them with tailored communications," he added.

Relevant advice came from Lizzi Hines, a creative director with retail fit-out specialist Spaceworks, who told New Zealand's Stuff that features such as a grooming bar or a whisky bar could add some "retail theatre" while also giving men other reasons to be there.

Gadgets work too, she added. "You might be selling clothes, but you put the gadgets near it just to attract attention.

"They're a little bit like magpies in terms of being attracted to certain things and then you sell them something else."

Data sourced from AMP, Stuff; additional content by Warc staff