SYDNEY: Research has indicated that Australian parents are mostly connecting with brands on their mobile in "stolen" moments away from their kids, or while multi-tasking.

The findings come from Facebook IQ research on the 25- to 65-year-old parents of infants, toddlers and adolescents across the globe.

In the Australian data, it was revealed that Aussie parents find parenting an overwhelmingly positive experience – but also one filled with lessons and challenges on a day to day basis.

New technology, less traditional gender roles and increased education about baby products have had a big impact on how Australians raise their children, and consequently on how brands market to parents. As smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous, parents are most likely to connect with brands and learn about new products from their mobile, or share their parenting experiences with social media communities.

Brands in the Australian market are more likely to build rapport with parents when they acknowledge the full spectrum of parenting experiences, rather than just the positive ones.

The research reveals that money and time are the two biggest sources of stress for parents. And in the early months, terms such as "pregnancy", "breastfeeding" and "nausea" are common, with words like "fatigue", "sleep", "sadness", "anxiety" and "boredom" highlighting parenting challenges. Providing helpful advice and support to parents, particularly as they navigate early parenthood, is more likely to win them over.

Half of Australian parents say their family is at their best when they feel their best. For marketers, this means reaching out to parents on their non-family based interests at an individual level, and then extending to the wider family needs.

Data sourced from Facebook; additional content by Warc staff