SYDNEY: Australia's advertising and marketing industry is increasingly concerned with issues around digital advertising technology according to a new report which also highlights several areas where further education is required.

In The State of the Market: Marketing and Advertising Technology study, for which IAB Australia surveyed 200 respondents, brand safety, ad fraud detection and viewability emerged as areas of particular interest, B&T reported.

But while 76% of respondents were already using ad viewability tracking technology, only half of agencies (48%) had invested in brand safety technology, while a similar proportion of publishers (52%) were not using ad fraud detection.

The study further found that agencies, clients and publishers were all looking to taking advantage of a broad range of tools and technologies in the areas of analytics and measurement.

Relatively few were yet using attribution modelling, data visualisation and content personalisation technologies, although many indicated an intention to start doing so within the next six months.

Up to 15% of clients or marketers, for example, signalled their intent to use mobile analytics or marketing tools, while 10% of clients, marketers and agencies planned to use video analytics. Attribution modelling was a priority for 29% of publishers.

One potential obstacle the survey discovered, however, is that the self-declared understanding of these various technologies was not great.

Clients listed attribution modelling, platforms and data visualisation as their priority areas for education and information. Agencies covered added ad fraud detection to this list while publishers were focused on mobile analytics, ad viewability tracking and ad fraud detection.

"As more and more consumers are using mobile and engaging with online video, marketers and advertisers are acknowledging they need to better analyse and use a range of tools to understand and serve their customers," said Alice Manners, CEO of IAB Australia.

"The industry has expressed a clear hunger for greater accountability and a growing sophistication in their needs so we will continue to work towards supporting their needs," she added.

Data sourced from B&T; additional content by Warc staff