BRISBANE: Two thirds of Australian bloggers work with brands on sponsored content and many report that these posts work just as well as their regular ones.

The finding comes from a study by communications consultancy BBS Communications Group. The 2015 Blogger Survey Report polled 75 Australian bloggers working across several different genres – travel, lifestyle, fashion and beauty – to establish how they engaged with consumer brands, businesses and the PR industry, as well as their key interests, goals and motivations.

Of those posting sponsored content, almost half indicated that such material performed on a par with their own work.

One in three also said they had generated content based on an idea pitched by a PR person, whether by email, phone or press release.

The report noted that posts with pictures, tutorials or recipes, and free resources were typically among the most viewed and shared and advised marketers to consider offering these when pitching a sponsored post.

Amanda Firth, BBS head of digital media, said there was "a real opportunity for both brands and bloggers to work together to create content that resonates with blog readers".

"Some of Australia's most popular bloggers boast hundreds of thousands of readers, so it's not surprising that brands are increasingly engaging with the blogosphere and creating mutually beneficial partnerships," she told Mumbrella.

The benefits to bloggers include compensation, with seven in ten receiving some form of reward for their blogging.

Four in ten reported getting income from sponsored posts while a similar proportion accepted free products, meals or experiences from brands.

Most bloggers are not in it for the money, however: just three in ten cited generating an income as their main reason for blogging. The majority simply enjoyed having a creative outlet (61%) or being able to focus on a topic they were passionate about (57%).

Firth recommended that marketers take note of this last point. "It's essential that brands understand their interests and tailor content opportunities so they are relevant to the blogger…and his or her readership."

Data sourced from BBS Communications, Mumbrella; additional content by Warc staff