SYDNEY: Seven in ten of the top websites in Australia are still not optimised for mobile as both brands and agencies are failing to address this fast-growing area, according to a new survey.

Mobile specialist agency Mnet looked at the top 1,000 websites in Australia, covering both enterprise and government sectors, and found more than 70% were not optimised for mobile.

This was despite the fact that some organisations reported that 35% or more of traffic, depending on user demographic, was coming from mobile devices, and their user experience was suffering accordingly.

Google's recent algorithm update is another factor making mobile optimisation more urgent. This latest tweak includes mobile responsiveness as a key ranking criteria – meaning that publishers with non-mobile-optimised websites could see their search performance suffer.

Some sectors were performing worse than others: "Retail in particular trails the rest of the world in sophistication, innovation and addressing consumer needs," Travis Johnson CEO of Mnet told AdNews.

Mobile commerce, in particular, is "growing like a weed", according to the latest State of Mobile Commerce study from performance marketing technology business Criteo. Mobile accounted for 34% of ecommerce globally in the first quarter of 2015 and is expected to reach 40% by the end of the year.

And while the recent Mobile Landscape Study from the IAB reported that mobile advertising had advanced significantly in Australia over the past year, Johnson was skeptical.

"A few [agencies] have added mobile specialists," he said, "however most are simply ticking the box and running a token amount of static mobile banners as part of their overall media schedule.

"Mobile is the last media they choose, the first to be chopped and the one where creative arrives days late. Too often it's an afterthought but should be front-and-centre," he added.

Data sourced from AdNews, Critero; additional content by Warc