BEIJING: Audi, the luxury automaker, could sell more cars in China than in its home country of Germany over the course of this year, Peter Schwarzenbauer, its head of sales, has said.

The company delivered a total of 31,906 vehicles in the world's most populous nation during the first two months of 2010, a total that was up by some 86% on an annual basis.

While it enjoyed a 1.7% improvement on this measure in Germany in the same period, this amounted to just 27,304 new purchases overall.

Having also posted a 33% uptick in China over 2009 as a whole, equivalent to 157,188 shipments, the European firm is highly optimistic about its immediate prospects.

As such, while it had previously predicted that the Asian market would become its largest single outlet by 2012 or 2013, it could now achieve this status in 2010, Schwarzenbauer suggested.

However, he added that the new models which are launched in China and Germany could have an impact in determining exactly when this milestone would be reached.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal; additional content by Warc staff