DEARBORN, Michigan: With 007's conveyance safely sold to a group of Kuwaiti investors [WARC News: 13-Mar-07], Ford Motor Company locked its auction room and declared 'no sale' of the other auto thoroughbreds in its Premier Automotive Group stable.

However, given that PAG - the remainder of which comprises Jaguar (pictured), Land Rover and Volvo - reported a $327 million (€247.99m; £169.51m) loss last year, industry observers are unconvinced that Ford would reject a suitably generous offer.

As Standard & Poors' auto analyst Bob Schulz, wryly observes: "One would never minimise the benefits of having more cash, given what [Ford] expect to burn through."

Although (as the Tesco tagline has it) "every little helps", the sale of one or more PAG brands would do little to alleviate Ford's monstrous loss which in 2006 ballooned to $12.7 billion.

Data sourced from Financial Times; additional content by WARC staff