SHANGHAI: Almost two-thirds (62%) of consumers in Asia would be open to branded content and advertising in return for free access to data, a recent survey has shown.

On Device Research questioned 3,500 people in seven Asian countries on behalf of Syniverse, a technology solutions firm, and also found that nearly half (49%) would be willing to accept coupon offers from sponsors.

Asian consumers are most willing to accept offers, in return for free or reduced cost data, from entertainment businesses (42%), bars, restaurants and café (31%) and travel companies (29%).

In terms of content, consumers are willing to accept sponsored branding or advertising in order to gain free access to websites and mobile internet browsing (43%), social networking services (41%) and web-based video services (38%).

Mary Clark, CMO at Syniverse, said consumers, content providers and mobile service providers have found themselves stuck in a no-win situation when it comes to mobile data usage.

"Consumers want to use more data along with richer mobile engagement, and operators and content providers are missing out on the revenue that this usage could deliver," she said.

Specifically, brands using sponsored mobile data services could unlock $6bn a year by 2019, according to Syniverse and its partners at Strategic Economic Engineering Corp (SEEC).

Sam Brown, founder and CEO of SEEC, said the key to unlocking this potential is for brands and mobile operators to work together to create highly personalised offers that meet individual user expectations.

Clark added: "Sponsored data offers considerable benefits for all involved, enabling content providers to enjoy increased use of their services, providing mobile operators with a new source of revenue, and offering consumers cheaper access to content."

Data sourced from Syniverse; additional content by Warc staff