BANGKOK/SINGAPORE: Thailand and Indonesia lead across six Southeast Asian markets when it comes to e-commerce growth, according to a study of online searches conducted on the Priceza price comparison platform.

Priceza, a Thai company that also operates local websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam, examined the search and buying intentions of its users in these markets over a 10-month period to the end of October 2016.

According to Yahoo Singapore News, there were 130m buying intent sessions made on the various Priceza sites, including 68m sessions in Thailand and 42m in Indonesia, or a monthly average of 6.8m and 4.2m respectively.

Mobile devices accounted for almost two-thirds (63.27%) of these sessions in Thailand, rising to 70.92% in Indonesia.

Desktop search accounted for almost 30% in Thailand and around 25% in Indonesia, while tablet usage was much lower in both countries at 6.75% and 3.94% respectively.

Priceza also looked at gender differences in the 18 to 34 age group and discovered that users in Thailand were 55% male and 45% female. The gender gap widened in Indonesia where around 63% of users were male and 37% female.

Looking at the other four Southeast Asian markets, the study noted that searches on Priceza sites climbed 245% since 2015. "E-commerce is only going to get bigger in Southeast Asia," the report suggested.

Fashion and clothing was the most popular search category in the Philippines (25.7%), Indonesia (24.3%), Singapore (22.2%) and Vietnam (18.8%), although collectibles and antiques topped the list in Thailand (26.3%).

Motor vehicles, including motorcycles, was the top search category in Malaysia (14.1%) – and the second most popular in Indonesia (15.8%) – and the report attributed the increased interest to a significant rise in motorcycle exports as well as initiatives introduced by the Indonesian government.

Data sourced from Yahoo Singapore News, Priceza; additional content by Warc staff