SINGAPORE: A large proportion of Asians now believe that technology will make their world a better place, according to the latest Grey Group 'Eye on Asia' study.

As many as 70% of Asians polled by the firm say they "cannot wait" for new high-tech developments, with the most eager being the Chinese (96%).

Asia is already "taking the lead in mobile marketing, with usage of internet-enabled, handheld devices far exceeding that of the West," the report notes, and are now "leading multiple lives on the move."

Grey Group's study explores the emerging trend of 'Vireal' activity in Asia - where digital life is intertwined with reality - and points to the popularity of social network and microblogging sites such as Friendster, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in many parts of the region.

But as many as 69% of Asians also find the potential growth in hi-tech applications "overwhelming," says Grey.

Some 28% of Asians believe that technology has gone far enough and more advancement will not interest them.

In all, 83% of those questioned said there was "an information overload" in the modern world.

Data sourced from Grey Group