SINGAPORE: Content marketing campaigns in Asia are among the poorest performing globally, with only campaigns from Australia performing worse, new research has revealed.

A study by technology platform Polar, Branded Content Performance, drew on 100 clients to determine the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns in various regions.

The research, which measured content success by metrics including average click-through rates and dwell time, found that the average click-through rate for content marketing campaigns in Asia-Pacific was just 0.27%, well below Europe, where click-through rates for content campaigns averaged 0.55%, and the Middle East and Africa on 0.4%.

Australian content marketing campaigns fared the worst out of any region, with an average click-through rate of just 0.16%, less than half of the global average CTR.

The study also found that business and finance publishers have outperformed other categories in content marketing, with an average click-through of 0.38% globally.

But while click-through rates in Asia-Pacific lag behind the rest of the world, the region's consumers are likely to spend a greater amount of time with the content they do view.

Audiences in the region spent an average of 199 seconds consuming content, significantly above the global average of 140 seconds. Again, Australia lagged behind, reporting an average dwell time of just 117 seconds, higher only than Europe's 115 seconds.

Content is also unlikely to generate returns over a long period of time, with 80% of views generated in the first month. More than a third (36%) of views were generated in the first week, with the percentage of total views of any piece dropping off significantly thereafter.

Data sourced from Polar, Mumbrella; additional content by Warc staff