HONG KONG: Advertising agencies in Asia are increasingly focusing on measuring effectiveness, but are still often seen as "vendors of creative products" by clients, according to Tim Broadbent, regional planning and effectiveness director of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific.

Writing in Advertising Works 17, which contains the winning case studies from the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2008, Broadbent argues many agencies in the region exhibit "world class creativity."

However, largely as a consequence of the "economic miracle" in Asia, rigorous approaches to measuring effectiveness have been slower to develop, as sales and adspend have both typically increased alongside overall market growth.

One area that needs to change in some countries, such as China, is that too much creative work is focused around winning awards, rather than producing results for clients.

However, Broadbent also predicts Asian marketing will soon "catch up with the best of the West and then surpass it" because of the rapid pace of change and greater willingness to experiment in the region.

As China's ad market is also likely to overtake its American counterpart in the 2020s, he suggests that a "seismic shift in the balance of global advertising power" is also set to take place.

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Data sourced from Advertising Works 17