SINGAPORE: Facebook is enjoying "tremendous" growth in India and Asia is its best-performing region in terms of new signups, an executive at the social media giant has said.

Blake Chandlee did not offer precise figures on national growth rates, but described Asia as both a "very, very big market for us" and "an enormous opportunity".

He added: "At the regional level, if you look at the big four, what we call, theatres, you've got North America, you've got EMEA, you've got Asia, you've got Latin America.

"Asia is definitely the fastest-growing amongst those big theatres... Asia's got some of the fastest-growing countries in it, certainly."

Facebook is the world's largest social media platform, retaining over 500 million members.

By way of comparison, Twitter retains around 160 million users.

Speaking in March 2010, Chandlee highlighted the international nature of the platorm's membership, pointing out that three in four people with a Facebook account lived outside the US.

The UK, Indonesia and Turkey were the second, third and fourth largest "Facebook nations" respectively.

He also said that the fastest-growing user cohort was over-35s, and that women aged 45 or more were the fastest-growing user demographic of all.

Mr Chandlee's latest comments were made at the official opening of Facebook's sales office in Singapore.

The office was opened to assist local advertisers that wish to conduct Facebook marketing campaigns.

Data sourced from AFP/Warc; additional content by Warc staff