Classic arguments won the day in Asia Pacific, with only three of the top ten most downloaded articles in the region in 2008 actually being published during the couse of that year. 

Admittedly, the single most popular download in the region was WARC's 2008 Best Practice paper on Briefing creative agencies.

But, in contrast to lists for other regions, which were dominated by recently-published pieces, the Asia Pacific top ten suggests that the fact an article was published a few years earlier was no deterrent to its contemporary relevance.

For instance, the second most popular download in the region –  the ESOMAR paper, Managing global brands to meet consumer expectations – was first published in 2003.

Similarly, the third most downloaded paper, Advertising and the seven sins of memory, was one of four in the top ten first published in 2004. These included papers on the Volkswagen Touareg launch, celebrity advertising campaigns and luxury brands.

One might say the author of the number nine paper – The making of tomorrow's consumer – proved truly prescient since the paper is still being downloaded almost five years later when the "tomorrow's" consumer is presumably here.

It was left to a couple of papers to fly the flag for the present moment: the universally popular report, The digital media market in 2008, which occupied the number seven slot, and, rather surprisingly, a recently updated brand profile for Coca-Cola, which was the fifth most downloaded article in the region.

Data sourced from World Advertising Research Center (