DUSSELDORF: Many leading marketers in Germany expect smartphones and tablets to become increasingly important tools for brands over the next two years, new figures show.

BVDW, the industry body, surveyed 100 executives from the digital sector - including representatives of agencies, internet service providers, publishers and retailers - to establish their current priorities.

Some 95% of respondents agreed smartphones would gain prominence as an advertising medium in the near future.

Moreover, 90% said the same with regard to gadgets like the iPad.

Two-thirds of the panel argued that advertiser-funded applications should prove the most effective way of monetising these channels.

By contrast, 40% thought subscription models were set to be the main revenue driver for tablets, against just 20% concerning the iPhone, BlackBerry and other such handsets.

When asked which form of content holding the greatest promise for tablets, 79% cited news and information and 77% picked gaming and entertainment.

Data sourced from BVDW; additional content by Warc staff