SAN FRANCISCO: Apple, Starbucks and McDonald's are among the brand owners that have secured major buzz about their products on Twitter over 2011 to date, the microblog has revealed.

In an official blog post, Twitter reported it now has more than 100m users around the world, an audience that uploaded 60bn tweets between January and early December this year.

Looking to the technology category, the App Store for Apple's Mac computers generated the highest levels of online word of mouth, followed by Sony's NGP, the handheld gaming device.

Guitar Hero, the console game from Activision, Mozilla Firefox, the web browser, and Duke Nukem Forever, another game, came next in the rankings.

Apple's iPad tablet took sixth position, the iPhone was seventh and the iPod MP3 Player was tenth. Nintendo's 3DS device and Mortal Kombat, the game, were some of the other leading products of 2011

In the food and beverage sector, the top spot went to the McLobster, sold by quick service chain McDonald's in a limited range of outlets. Despite the popular enthusiasm, the company has no plans for a US-wide roll out. It is, however, rapidly embracing social media.

"Social media and connectivity is huge. It is the way the world is moving. I got on Twitter last week so we know that it's an important element," Janice Fields, president of McDonald's USA, told analysts last month.

Fried Kool-Aid, which became an underground sensation after consumers started creating deep fried snacks featuring Kraft's popular drink, claimed second, ahead of the Starbucks Trenta, a new, larger cup size introduced by the coffee house chain.

Devassa Beer, a Brazilian brand that attracted attention thanks to an ad starring socialite Paris Hilton, and Guinness, the stout brewed by Diageo, also made the top ten. Mac & Cheese was similarly included in this group, a legitimate hit for Kraft.

Turning to TV, Pretty Little Liars, a teen series from ABC Family, stimulated the most chatter. Two and a Half Men, shown on CBS, occupied second, aided by controversy surrounding Charlie Sheen, its former star.

The Craigslist Killer, a TV-movie from the Lifetime Network, was third, beating the Golden Globe Awards and People's Choice Awards.

"Instead of watching the news, the Super Bowl and Pretty Little Liars at home alone, we watched them together on Twitter," the Twitter study argued.

Data sourced from Twitter/Seeking Alpha; additional content by Warc staff