NEW YORK: Apple has emerged as the top brand in an analysis by Landor Associates of Young & Rubicam's Brand Asset Valuator.

The design firm looked at the data to find which brands had the most sustained brand strength over the last three years. It calls these "nd Breakaway" brands.

Landor executive director of consumer insight, Susan Nelson, says Apple tops the poll because of the phenomenal success of the iPod and iPhone. "Apple was always differentiated but not relevant," she claims. "The iPod and iPhone made them relevant."

In second place is Google on the grounds that it is the most recognizable brand in a growing medium, the internet, while Haagen-Daz ice cream is third for ditching its "cheesy" image and launching healthier lines.

Others to make the top ten include Hallmark and the Super Bowl for embracing the digital age.

Data sourced from AdWeek; additional reporting by WARC staff