LONDON: Apple devices are by far the most used for mobile ad impressions, according to new global analysis covering the third quarter of 2013 which also found the market for tablets is continuing to grow.

The Global AdMetrics Report from Adfonic, the mobile inventory buyer, found tablets accounted for 28% of all mobile ad impressions over Q3 2013, or double its share from Q4 2012, and that Apple devices are used for 63% of all global ad impressions.

The analysis, which was based on data from Adfonic's own buying platform during the quarter, ranked Samsung second with 20% of ad impressions followed by HTC, RIM, LG, Nokia and other manufacturers who made up the remaining 17%.

Apple grew its market share by a modest 3% over the quarter while all the other major manufacturers remained flat or, in the case of Sony and Motorola, dropped by up to 10% or more.

Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms continued to dominate in Q3 2013, accounting for 95% of all global ad impressions – or 63% and 32% respectively – while RIM, in third place, accounted for only 3%.

The iPhone and iPod Touch were the top two mobile devices while various versions of the Samsung Galaxy took seven places in the top ten rankings with BlackBerry's Curve emerging as the eighth most popular device for share of impressions.

As with the iPhone, Apple's iPad was the leading performer in terms of click through rates and took a huge 76% of the share of impressions, an increase of 13%, and a gain second only to the 15% change recorded by the Galaxy Tab 2.

In other key findings, Adfonic found increasing volumes of supply came through premium publications traded through real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges.

Total premium supply grew from 342m ad requests in Q4 2012 to 1.9bn in Q3 2013, leading Adfonic to forecast that nearly 4.5bn ad requests will come from RTB-enabled premium inventory over the last quarter of 2013.

Data sourced from Adfonic; additional content by Warc staff