BERLIN: The number of mobile apps downloaded by German consumers more than doubled last year, with revenue levels rising rapidly as a result.

Trade body BITKOM and research2guidance reported the amount of applications accessed by wireless subscribers in the country surged 112% year on year, jumping from 425m in 2009 to 900m in 2010.

However, shoppers only opted to pay for 110m such offerings during the 12 months as a whole, meaning 90% of all activity involved free tools.

Category revenues still leapt from €190m to €357m on an annual basis, with the average price of apps coming in at €3.25 overall.

"For almost every purpose, there is now an app," said Friedrich Joussen, a BITKOM board member.

"The download and sales of mobile apps will continue to skyrocket," he added. "A new, lucrative growth market has been created."

Among the key drivers supporting this process is the uptake of smartphones, some 7.4m of which were sold in Germany last year, a 38% improvement measured against 2009.

BITKOM has forecast 10.1m units should be snapped up in 2011, while increasing interest in tablets is also due to fuel the further expansion of the apps sector.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff