Over thirty thousand consumers in thirty nations across the globe have helped market researcher NOP World to identify the world's most advocated brands.

The study uses NOPW's Advocacy Multiplier tool to segment consumers into four categories, based on how close they feel to the brand. The categories are:

  • Active brand advocates
  • Brand committed
  • Fulfilled
  • Indifferent

    The first-named category describes individuals so passionate about a particular brand that they are likely to spread the word about its benefits and recommend its products. The ten brands in this coveted category are (in order of prestige) ...

    01. Mercedes 59%
    02. BMW 53%
    03. Toyota 51%
    04. Nokia. 50%
    05. Sony 46%
    06. Estée Lauder 43%
    07. Lancôme 43%
    08. Clinique 42%
    09. Ford 41%
    10. Nike 38%

    Comments NOPW's Tim Wragg: "Through the identification of active advocates, organizations can develop highly tailored marketing initiatives aimed at those most likely to spread the message and regularly say good things about the brand.

    "In an increasingly splintered marketplace where the impact of advertising is faltering, companies can no longer afford to overlook the word-of-mouth potential that this segment offers."

    Data sourced from MrWeb.com (UK); additional content by WARC staff