Showing increasing optimism about the US ad sector’s outlook for 2002, analysts at an American Association of Advertising Agencies media conference predicted a robust rise in adspend for the coming twelve months.

American advertising revenues could increase by 2% to 3% over the year, predicted Jonathan Jacoby, managing director of Sun Trust Bank.

“We are more optimistic than others,” he declared. “March is looking good. A number of big automakers are doing promotional deals. Political spending in the second part of the year will also help.”

A little less positively, Lanny Baker, Jacoby’s counterpart at Smith Salomon Barney, expects a 1.9% rise in the US market and a 0.6% fall globally.

Both forecasts, however, are ahead of many recent projections, which have been more cautious about growth prospects. Research group CMR last month predicted only a 1.5% increase for the year [WAMN: 29-Jan-02].

The improved expectations follow upbeat news about the economy in general, and in particular the recent decline in inventories [WAMN: 11-Feb-02], thought to herald imminent growth.

“We could see a 3% to 4% growth rate [in the economy],” declared panel host Ron Insana, an anchor at TV network CNBC, who added that the cheap money policy from the Federal Reserve may also encourage marketers to increase spending again.

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