US adspend in this year’s first half rose 2.8% over the same period in 2002, according to the latest data from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Blazing the upward trail were Hispanic TV (+19%), national magazines (+14%) and local newspapers (+10%).

Expenditure also rose in three of the other eleven reported sectors: FSI coupons (fmcg only) hiked 7%; spot TV by 4% and spot radio by 2%. But network radio declined (1.4%) while national newspapers and cable TV both shrank by around 4%.

Q2 spending rose far faster than Q1, the April-June period returning a growth rate of 1.8% versus the earlier quarter’s -3.6%. The first half showed an aggregated year-on-year growth of 2.8%.

The top ten individual advertisers (across network TV, spot TV, syndicated TV, Hispanic TV, all magazines, network/spot radio, outdoor, FSIs, all newspapers (display ads only) and all Sunday supplements) were …

1. Procter & Gamble ($1,068.5m)
2. General Motors ($964.0m)
3. AOL Time Warner ($648.2m)
4. Walt Disney ($555.1m)
5. Johnson & Johnson ($543.3m)
6. Altria Group [formerly Philip Morris] ($516.6)
7. Ford Motor Company ($429.0)
8. DaimlerChrysler ($466.3m)
9. Pfizer ($440.8m)
10. PepsiCo ($434.9m)

Total aggregated expenditure: $6,130 million, a year-on-year increase of 6.9%

The top ten product categories were:

1. Automotive-Factory ($3,566.9m)
2. Restaurant ($1,991.5m)
3. Auto Dealerships-Local ($1,961.4m)
4. Autos-Dealer Association ($1,501.3m)
5. Department Stores ($1,406.8m)
6. Motion Pictures ($1,403.0m)
7. Prescription Drugs-Human ($1,356.5m)
8. Telephone Services-Wireless ($818.7m)
9. Direct Response Products ($713.5m)
10. Furniture Stores ($584.1m)

Total aggregated expenditure: $15,304 million, a year-on-year increase of 9.1%

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online; additional content by WARC staff