Despite the Homeric* title - Masters of Marketing Annual Conference - of this year's Association of National Advertisers talkfest in Phoenix, Arizona, few attendees will have been shaken (or stirred) at the predictable findings of the ANA's ongoing study of marketing efficacy.

Delegates learned that there is a correlation between the quality of a marketing organization's practices - or its "health" - and its profit performance versus its competitive frame. Nearly 60% of "healthy" marketing organizations were more profitable than their competition.

The study was conducted on the ANA's behalf by management consultancy Booz Allen. Presenting the results to the conference, BA vice-president for Consumer & Media Practice Edward Landry shared with his listeners four 'Organization DNA' factors that affect the "health" of a marketing organization …

  • Organization trust
  • Marketing role definition
  • Ease of information flow
  • Speed of decision making.
The study indicated that one-third of North American marketers believe that important strategic and operational decisions quickly translated into action. This compares to more than half of marketers at more profitable companies.

Only 29% of North American marketers felt that information flows freely across organizational boundaries compared with 42% of marketers who work at more profitable companies.

Even more striking [sic], 68% of North American marketers said that decisions in their companies are often second-guessed while 80% of corporate marketers within "healthy" organizational structures believe their decisions are questioned.

In the wake of the presentation, ANA president/ceo Bob Liodice commented: "Phase two of this study demonstrates that healthy marketing organizations are able to move ahead with their goals and become more effective than their counterparts."

The study now moves into its third phase. This will include a 'Marketing Organization Profiler', an online tool to help CMOs and marketing departments identify their correct marketing model and the changes necessary to become more effective in their corporate role. The profiler will be available in February 2006.

* Not Simpson.

Data sourced from Association of National Advertisers (USA); additional content by WARC staff