LONDON: Amazon, Tesco and Marks & Spencer are all among the UK's favourite retailers, a poll has revealed.

Kelkoo, the price comparison platform, commissioned the Centre for Brand Analysis to poll 1,500 adults, gauging their opinions of 50 major chains, with Amazon the number one in 40% of the categories assessed, and in the top two for 70%.

When asked to choose the attributes shaping where they chose to shop, 54% of the panel selected value for money, with Amazon heading the charts, trailed by Asda, Tesco, Aldi and Argos.

Deals and offers claimed second position on 17%. Tesco led the way here, followed by Sainsbury's, Boots, Amazon and Asda.

Trust was the third most widely-mentioned factor in terms of retailer selection, on 7%. Marks & Spencer claimed first place on this metric, beating Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco.

Only 6% of respondents put the greatest weight on service, an area where Amazon again triumphed, this time over Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.

Elsewhere, 5% of contributors emphasised the in-store shopping experience, a feature most readily associated with visits to Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.

A further 4% cited delivery options and 3% focused on the online experience, as Amazon, unsurprisingly, logged the best totals among interviewees.

For 2% of the sample, strong ecological principles were a core quality exhibited by their favoured companies, with Marks & Spencer and the Co-op seen as boasting impressive credentials here.

Equally 2% wanted to frequent retailers perceived as being "innovative and ahead of their rivals" and 1% aspired to shop at "cool" chains, fields in which Apple took the lead role.

More broadly, the study found that while operators known for low prices, such as Aldi, Primark and Lidl, scored well in the value category, they all fell outside the top 20 overall.

"Consumer opinion confirms that 'one trick ponies' focusing purely on value are not doing enough to create consumer affinity for their brand," said Chris Simpson, CMO of Kelkoo.

Data sourced from Kelkoo; additional content by Warc staff