The melding of media platforms continues apace., ever hungry to boost sales, is moving into the realm of sales-oriented entertainment content with a weekly internet TV show starring iconoclastic comedian Bill Maher.

The half-hour program, Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher, will make its live debut broadcast on June 1. Twelve weekly episodes are scheduled, all in talkshow format and featuring guests from the worlds of books, music and film.

Each program will begin with a satirical monologue in which Maher performs a take on media and entertainment targets. He will also interview the usual talkshow suspects: authors; film directors, actors, screenwriters and musician.

Of course, there's a remote risk that one or two could plug their latest books, movies, and albums and - unlikely though it seems - a limited quantity of these objects of desire might even be available for purchase.

"We are very dedicated to that mission of helping connect artists to new audiences," says Kathy Savitt, Amazon's veep of strategic communications. "If customers connect with the artists, there will be product sales."

Extracts from the debut program will be trailed on Amazon's website as from January 24.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff