LONDON: Eagerness to cash in on the latest media fad of the month - user generated content - has resulted in a deal between the bipolar epitomes of conservatism and liberalism, clan Murdoch and former US vice-president Al Gore.

NewsCorp-controlled UK satellite monopoly BSkyB is to air Gore's Current TV channel which comprises clips created both by professionals and viewers. Denying that viewer-created clips is simply a method of churning out cheap content, Gore trumpets the channel as "democratising television".

BSkyB is run by Rupert Murdoch's younger son James, who proclaims: "Current TV is bringing the web's sense of empowerment to television for the first time."

In the US, the channel is available to nearly 30 million homes via cable and satellite television, while in the UK it has a potential reach of 8m households.

Data sourced from Financial Times Online; additional content by WARC staff