NEW YORK: Ad-ID, a new system of coding individual ads of all types and in any medium, has been melded with The Nielsen Company's commercial tracking system KeepingTrac, which enables advertisers to verify that their commercials have appeared as per the media schedules.

Ad-ID, a joint venture between the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers announced Friday they are working with Nielsen on the project.

It replaces the ISCI coding system, which required advertisers, agencies and TV stations to enter information about each commercial into a plethora of industry systems.

Ad-ID is a single central database offering consistency to asset identification and enabling the digital exchange of information across the industry.

Using the combined systems, advertisers can access next-day data to ensure their commercials aired as planned, adhered to their buying schedules and achieved their Gross Rating Point goals.

Says Mike Donahue, evp of the AAAA and joint-ceo of the Ad-ID project: "Nielsen's KeepingTrac is a step in the direction of improved accountability and transparency in the media industry.

"This integration between Nielsen and Ad-ID is the first of many partnerships that will improve workflow and enable innovation."

Data sourced from American Association of Advertising Agencies: additional content by WARC staff