SHIPLEY, UK: New research commissioned by mature marketing agency Millennium reveals that some three quarters of Britons in the fifty-plus age group believe the only products specifically targeted at them are life assurance, dentures and incontinence plans.

Sixty per cent believe the ad industry sees them as infirm or immobile. As to targeting accuracy, 59% of over-50s claimed that today's marketing ignored them and was irrelevant. The disgruntlement factor rose to 65% among the those aged over sixty-five.

Interestingly, marketers' perceived misconceptions  about senior citizens are roundly refuted by the latter's declared preference for the internet as the 'most influential' advertising medium.

And thirty-nine per cent of the 50+ sample claims to be brand-loyal when shopping online.

Comments Millennium managing director Fiona Hought: "The over-50s have grown wise to marketing techniques.

"The research indicates that the influences of the mature market are changing, but it seems marketers are failing to adapt and communicate effectively, if at all, to cash in on the ‘grey pound'.

"Marketers need to focus efforts on using the right channels to present clear and targeted messages to attract potential consumers."

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff