Russian flag carrier Aeroflot, for some the world’s least favourite airline, has finally conceded the need for an image makeover and hired London branding agency Identica to gloss-up its shabby reputation.

Although profitable, when it comes to in-flight service Aeroflot is widely regarded by travellers as on a par with Moscow's Lubyanka. But, perhaps to the surprise of some, its safety record is well above the global average according to the International Civil Aviation Authority.

Says Aeroflot commercial director Yevgeny Bachurin: “This rebranding is very important to Aeroflot - and I am delighted that a company of Identica's international standing will be working alongside us to achieve our commercial objectives."

According to insiders, Identica won the business (value unstated) with its proposal that Aeroflot focus on “people not planes”.

Among the other reputations nurtured by Identica are those of Vodafone and Powergen. The shop was also responsible for the transmogrification of telecoms operator Mercury Communications into One2One.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)