Channel One, the Primedia-owned schools broadcaster, is under renewed attack by a number of pressure groups and individuals concerned at the increasing volume of advertising targeting schools and schoolkids.

A number of advocacy organisations, politicians and concerned individuals recently formed a coalition to oppose the commercials broadcast daily by Channel One to around 12,000 US schools. They aim to apply pressure on advertisers and agencies to pull their ads from C1's programs.

The latest attack is directed at thirty-nine major advertisers, among them the Federal Government, AOL Time Warner and Procter & Gamble. In letters mailed today, the coalition accuses Channel One of wasting taxpayers' money by requiring pupils to watch its programs and commercials in schooltime; also that it exposes children to violent and antisocial content.

Newcomers to the coalition include such disparate parties as actor Matt Damon and the United Methodist Church. They line-up alongside such longstanding protesters as the American Family Association, the Ralph Nader-founded Eagle Forum, Commercial Alert and other anti-commercialism groups such as the New Mexico Media Literacy Project.

News source: New York Times