MUMBAI: Nearly a quarter of all apps installations in India are the result of paid advertising, a new report has revealed.

Mobile marketing firms InMobi and TUNE's report 2015 Mobile India: a Year in Review analysed mobile trends in India, one of the world's fastest growing markets for internet and mobile connectivity.

India is now the world's the third largest smartphone market, and accounts for 9% of the world's application downloads, according to Digital Market Asia.

The report revealed that Indian users install more applications by clicking on paid advertisements than any other country.

It also has the fastest growing mobile messaging market, which increased 47.4% to a record 127m users in 2015.

Mobile app downloads have increased in India by 129% over just 12 months. Shopping, entertainment, and gaming applications are most popular.

But travel apps are the fastest growing sector, as Indians discover taxi booking and ride sharing apps: these saw 474% growth in installations last year.

Much like China, the scale of opportunity afforded by India's huge population has propelled the country to the top of leaderboards. Though internet penetration remains relatively low outside of India's main population areas, smartphones are increasingly popular among the country's growing middle class.

Tech in Asia reported that the average price of a smartphone dropped 11% on the subcontinent last year, due to intense market competition. Though 4G-capable phones now make up an estimated 6% of the market, connectivity speeds remain an issue in many parts of India.

Despite that, smartphone users are also more on apps, opening newly installed apps an average five times per fortnight as opposed to two times in 2014.

Data sourced from Digital Market Asia, Tech In Asia; additional content by Warc staff