MADRID: Advertisers are failing to connect digitally with Spanish consumers over the age of 50, a growing age group that makes extensive use of the internet, a new report has said.

Media agency Maxus carried out a survey of online 50-60 year-olds and found that these "midlifers" had a wealth of experience in the digital environment, with most having been online for at least five years and half for more than ten years.

They were regularly using the internet, reported Marketing News, to research products, engage in social networking and commercial activities such as ecommerce and online banking. Over one third of these, however, thought that online advertising was not directed at people of their age and 29% did not identify with any brand they saw.

Some 45% looked at a brand's web pages when researching products but 50% felt a brand did not necessarily give confidence if advertised a lot. The report noted the need to foster a sense of trust between advertiser and consumer.

One in three midlifers had made an online purchase and seven in ten expected to do so in the future. They were especially keen on online banking, with 66% doing so at least once a week.

Midlifers were interested in using new technology generally and aware of the value it could bring to their lives. They owned, on average, 3.43 connected devices and were above-average users of all such devices, apart from games consoles.

Almost three quarters (72.6%) connected to the internet daily via a mobile phone, over one third (38%) had a tablet and 63% of these connected daily via such a device.

All respondents had a profile on at least one social network, and they were enthusiastic users of forums (79%) and blogs (57%). To a lesser extent they were downloading music, movies or software (34.9%) or shopping (22.5%).

Data sourced from Marketing News; additional content by Warc staff