Online advertising expenditure targeting America's Hispanic population is expected to hit $100 million (€77m, £53m) this year.

According to UK-headquartered alcoholic drinks giant Diageo, Hispanics' internet use is growing "faster than for the average market". To tap this lucrative revenue stream the company is placing banner ads on Yahoo! and Yahoo en Español for its Johnny Walker Scotch brand.

Says Diageo senior brand manager Manny Gonzalez: "It's clear that without a lot of media options, acculturated Hispanics are turning to the internet for news, information and entertainment."

Yahoo director of Hispanic sales Liz Sarachek says: "We're able to target Hispanics in either language. It's based on behavior. Younger Hispanics are often bilingual and live in two worlds."

And AOL's Peter Blacker, chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau's Hispanic committee notes: "There's a heavy focus on bilingualism. This will probably be the single biggest trend in 2005. It's about cultural identity, not linguistic choice."

Yahoo en Español is partnering with Fox Sports en Español to create Spanish language fantasy soccer league games based on Superliga Mexicana and Superliga Copa Libertadores. The site includes streaming video and polls. One was designed to find out which athletes were the most popular for a marketer looking for a spokesman.

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff