Sangfroid appears to be the defining characteristic among the US advertising industry's toilers, who seemingly are less prone to scratching the sores of recession than adlanders elsewhere.

Or that's the conclusion suggested by an analysis of the top ten articles downloaded by WARC's US subscribers during 2008.

Nonetheless, the search term 'recession' heads the top ten list and features again in third and seventh positions.

For list-lovers, here's America's top ten downloads from

  1. Different approached to recession advertising and marketing
  2. Segmentation
  3. Cutting adspend in a recession delays recovery
  4. Advertising and the seven sins of memory
  5. Managing global brands to meet consumer expectations
  6. Briefing creative agencies
  7. How to get ahead in a recession
  8. The digital media market in 2008
  9. Brand Profile: Coca-Cola (US)
  10. Volkswagen – Touareg launch.

Data sourced from World Advertising Research Center (