HERZOGENAURACH, GERMANY - Encouraged by its interim victory over the International Tennis Federation in the London High Court last week [WAMN: 09-Jun-06], German sportswear giant Adidas-Saloman is to seek a court injunction against the International Olympic Committee.

In common with the ITF, the IOC has taken exception to Adidas' use of a three-stripe kit design, prominently emblazoned on the clothing worn both by tennis players and Olympic athletes.

The IOC, like the ITF, deems the stripes to be a logo which contravenes their respective advertising rules. Both bodies have banned the wearing of the stripes. Not so, protests Adidas. It is not a logo, merely a "design effect" - a view recently upheld by the London High Court .

The case is due for a replay later this year, meaning that the contentious stripes will be in view at the UK's Wimbledon Tennis Tournament later this month. Meantime, lips are zipped all round as to the existing and new legal challenges.