NEW YORK: YuMe, the video ad network, has developed a feature that enables it to target individual households, allowing brands brands the opportunity to advertise via addressable TV.

"Brands are saying we want to get supporting family members messaging to the decision maker," Ed Haslam, YuMe's SVP for marketing, told Advertising Age

YuMe achieves this by focusing on the IP address linked to a residence's wireless network and then adding its own data and that from YuMe's publishers and third parties to determine which households to show ads for which brands.

YuMe also provides a capability for in-stream video ads and retargeting outside of the home.

Haslam gave the example of a family buying a car, a big ticket item where a long purchase cycle is usual and where the parents typically make the final decision but can be influenced by children or even a live-in grandparent. He explained that Hyundai was already trialling the targeting capability in a campaign for is new Genesis model.

David Matathia, director of marketing communications at Hyundai, also outlined how the brand was aiming at affluent consumers and using a combination of age, income and geographic data to reach households in markets with a higher propensity to purchase premium vehicles.

Matathia said he believed that household targeting was "on the precipice of becoming part of the norm", but added that it would need to be able to satisfy marketers' demands for scale.

That demand for scale, according to Kurt Unkel, president of VivaKi Nerve Center, is one of the reasons the uptake of addressable TV has been held back.

"Anything that helps us narrow focus to who we're trying to get at and create efficiencies and eliminate waste is intriguing," Unkel said.

"A multiple screen approach is definitely where the future is headed."

Data sourced from Advertising Age; additional content by Warc staff