LONDON: Adspend levels will decline by 9.5% in the Eurozone this year at current prices, compared with a decrease of 12.5% in the US and 15% in Japan, new figures from WARC and the Advertising Association show.

The latest European Advertising and Media Forecast predicts that newspaper ad revenues will plummet by 13% in the Eurozone this year, with magazines off by 14.5%, TV by 10.8%, and radio by 9.7%.

Online, on the other hand, will see totals improve by 6.9% in 2009 and a further 11.7% in 2010, when adspend in the region will fall by just 1.6% overall.

Among the continent's major markets, expenditure in France will shrink by 7% and 1% this year and next respectively, while Germany will follow up a contraction of 7.3% in 2009 with growth of 1.5% over the following 12 months.

Advertising spend in the UK will similarly tumble by 11.6% in 2009 before returning to the black in 2010, while Italy will post successive losses of 9.8% and 3.5% in this period.

In the US, advertising through newspapers will slide by 23.6% this year, with magazines down by 18.1%, TV by 9%, and radio by 15.2%.

Once again, the internet will be the only form of major media registering an uptick, growing by 2.7% in 2009 and 9.5% in 2010, when total adspend will diminish by 1.4%.

Outdoor and print ad sales will slump by over a fifth in Japan in 2009, with TV ad revenues expected to be 13.2% lower this year, and 11.8% next, when the medium will post the largest decline in the country.

Data sourced from WARC