A surge in ad revenues has helped portal giant Yahoo! to double its third-quarter profits.

Net income for the three months to September stood at $65.3 million (€55.6m; £39.4m), up from $28.9m in Q3 2002, as revenues jumped 43% to $356.8m.

Marketing services income accounted for the bulk of the revenue surge. These operations generated $245.1m in Q3, a 48% year-on-year rise.

Yahoo! also made $79.4m in revenues from paid-for services, an increase of 38%, while listings turnover rose 26% to $32.4m.

Looking ahead, ceo Terry Semel was in a bullish mood: "As we more fully take advantage of the revenue potential across our entire business," he said, "we believe we can continue to meet our long-term objective for superior, consistent and sustainable growth."

Data sourced from: Yahoo!; additional content by WARC staff