SAN ANTONIO, Texas: The biggest telco in the US, AT&T, today launches an internet television service where subscribers can watch live cable channels and made-for-broadband content on their PC.

AT&T Broadband TV features around 20 channels, including Fox News, Bloomberg and the History Channel - all for $19.99(€15.72; £10.70) a month - with more promised in the future.

In contrast to many web-based video services, where the viewing window is considerably smaller than most computer monitors, the new AT&T offering will allow users to expand the picture to full screen.

Viewers will see whatever commercials are being shown on the live broadcast, but no ads are planned for the browser window and control panel that frame the TV picture.

AT&T's svp of programming, Daniel York, says the new service is part of the company's master plan for bringing a "digital lifestyle" to people.

He adds that the broadband TV offering is a "landmark step" to the eventual aim of allowing users to access the same content from all three screens - PC, TV and cellphones.

Data sourced from Financial Times online; additional content by WARC staff